No Rest for the Red Hook Vendors; Bourdain Considers ‘Top Chef’ Episode a Waste

Can the Red Hook Vendors never rest? Now Cesar Fuentes is causing concern for resigning and threatening to sue the same people he represented. [NYT]

Bourdain considers Wednesday’s Top Chef a waste, as the producers snagged Eric Ripert only to “shoehorn him into a Scout jamboree” when “it would have been nice, given the all-too-rare presence of a distinguished specialist, to see what the kids could REALLY do with fish.” And why won’t Hung cook Vietnamese? [Bourdain’s Blog/Bravo]

Discrimination lawyer Marc Rapaport is surprised by his own defense of O’Reilly in a Times op-ed about the Sylvia’s incident, saying “it is apparent from [his comments’] context that O’Reilly was actually attempting to dispel racial stereotypes regarding African-Americans.” [PR Web]

The Upper West Side has never been hotter as a dining destination. Just ask Alain Ducasse. [Insatiable Critic]

Things we can learn from this week’s Top Chef: 1. “Eric Ripert is kind of scary when you run into him in the woods with a trout and a cast-iron skillet.” 2. Padma can be hokey. 3. Rocco will return. [Eat for Victory/VV]

Lupa is the perfect example of the kind of restaurant that’s better enjoyed during lunch. Check that — any Mario Batali destination open during the day fits that description. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

BarFry makes an innovative dinner-party destination since a group can settle into an “ultra-tiny, no-frills enclosed backyard, at a picnic table, where the only adornments were a few tealights.” [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine]
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A Bronx Assemblyman laughs in the face of obesity; he vows to “make the cupcake the official children’s snack of New York.” [NYP]

is also notablely absent from Ed Levine’s list of the city’s best cheesecakes. [Ed Levine Eats/Serious Eats]
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Eater San Francisco is now live. [Eater SF]

No Rest for the Red Hook Vendors; Bourdain Considers ‘Top Chef’ Episode a Waste