News We’ve Been Ignoring, Via The CFB

First of all, there’s the whole Alinea cookbook thing, which has gotten press in the Chicagoist, The Food Chain (in passing), and on Serious Eats. The SE’s piece talks about how Achatz stuck it to the man by eschewing the normal practice of getting a huge advance in favor of total creative control and more of the royalties later on. And the whole innovative web access for early adopter thing. He’s probably going to make a fair bit of money - people will buy this for the food porn alone. Because, really, who can make any of his recipes?

Another important happening - as reported by the Chicagoist - was the upholding of the stupid Illinois Horse Meat Act by Richard Posner of the 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals, albeit reluctantly (see p. 14). So, they don’t shoot horses anymore, at least in this country, for human consumption. Posner thought the law was not necessarily conceived in the interest of the people of the state of Illinois, but it was sufficiently constitutional that the slaughterhouse didn’t really have a case. None of this is going to stop us from eating horse meat in foreign countries.

Our third story of interest is Top Chef 3/4. No, not three quarters - both this season and the next season have Chicago in their story lines. Well, next season quite a bit, what with it being filmed here momentarily. But S3’s finale will be broadcast live from Chicago in one week’s time! Although just the announcing-the-winner part, since the cooking already took place in Aspen. But the heartbreak and triumph, that belongs to the Windy City.

[Photo: horse sashimi (bashashi), CheapyD/flickr]


News We’ve Been Ignoring, Via The CFB