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Name Boulud’s Burger, and Win Dinner For Two

What to call this new burger place of mine?
What to call this new burger place of mine?haha Photo: Patrick McMullan

The suggestions for a name for Daniel Boulud’s new burger place on the Bowery have been coming in to Grub Street, and no one quite seems to have hit on it yet. The ante has been upped, however: The prize for the best entry, awarded by us, is a free burger, beer, and ice-cream dinner for two at the place when it opens. As for the suggestions so far?

Betsy writes in with “Flamme de Boulud,” arguing that the name fits with Boulud’s current range, combining his ‘brand name’ (Boulud) with the essence of the French cuisine restaurant. “‘Flamme’ conveys grilling (a term synonymous to hamburgers with the American consumer).” It does? We always think of griddles, but that’s just us. Reader Gina G. offers the more decidedly downscale “Bouly Burger,” or (if that isn’t downscale enough) “B-Burg or DannyBurg.” Finally, Alan Berfas offers “Burger Bourgeois,” but this is such a bad name that we only include it for comparison purposes. Finally, reader Casper Gutman from Ditmas Park, having heard that the place will feature a glossy menu featuring color images of the various ice-cream desserts, suggests “Frenchlys.” But we know that one will never take.

Can you do better? Write in by end of day Thursday. A winner will be announced Friday morning.

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Name Boulud’s Burger, and Win Dinner For Two