Meal Deal(?): Steak & Seafood For 2 @ Morton’s

Morton’s is having a deal where $99 buys dinner for two at any of their locations, and it includes…well, take a look for yourself:

Okay, but is it a good value? Using the power of MenuPages*, we can find out!

Let’s see. Two single cut filets costs $72; Colossal Shrimp Alexander is $18, the crab cake is $14, and the broiled sea scallops (wrapped in bacon) are $13, so two of them could be $32 at the most; Caesar and Morton’s salads are both $9.50, so that’s $19; the priciest potato/vegetable combo comes to $19 also; and the chocolate cake is $11 (there’s also an option of Key lime pie, but that’s probably less, and since you get two, we’ll stick with the cake for $22 total).

Rest your pretty little head - all told, it’s $164, assuming you maximize by picking the most expensive items, which you obviously should. That is…not bad! If you were already planning on doing chain steak, then go for it. If you weren’t, it might be worth your consideration. Since the offer says “as often as you like,” feel free to use our code. That is, of course, until September 30th (i.e. Sunday), when the offer expires.

Also, it’s so much food that you will probably need to get your stomach pumped when you’re finished. Maybe that should be factored into the price of the meal?

Morton’s, The Steakhouse (on Wacker) [MenuPages]

Morton’s, The Steakhouse (on State) [MenuPages]

Morton’s, The Steakhouse [Official Site]

[Photo: it’s on their website, but they don’t allow direct linking. Their loss!]

* You won’t find the prices on the site just yet, but they’ll be up tomorrow.

Meal Deal(?): Steak & Seafood For 2 @ Morton’s