Drink Japan Without Leaving Little Italy

Brewers prepare to ceremonially open the first cask of sake at a last year's tasting.
Brewers prepare to ceremonially open the first cask of sake at a last year’s tasting.haha

Sake has been the next big trend for so long that we’ve been loathe to recognize it now that it’s actually arriving. If, like us, you’re utterly mystified by the stuff (not being able to read the bottle is part of it), check out the Joy of Sake next week. The city’s biggest sake event will hit the Puck Building on Thursday featuring 300 different sakes, at least a third of which aren’t available outside of Japan. The restaurant lineup looks good too: Seventeen restaurants are creating dishes meant to be paired with sake, including wd-50, Sakagura, and 15 East. Tickets are $75 in advance, $90 at the door.

Joy of Sake [Official Site]

Bao Noodles
Spicy-beef salad and clear-noodle salad (vegetarian)

Ika somen: squid noodles with caviar, nori, and wasabi

EN Japanese Brasserie
Aji namerou (mackerel)

15 East
Sake-braised octopus

Wasabi hamachi roll: spicy hamachi, avocado rolled inside out with wasabi tobiko

Petit choux stuffed with crab and sesame cream

Signature sweet tofu with Kuromitsu black sugar sauce
Selection of chocolates Nama Chocolate, Matcha green-tea chocolate, Kocha black-tea Nama chocolate

Red-wine slow-cooked pork cheek

Spicy-salmon roll

Gochujang- (miso) braised Washu cheek taco

Rice balls

Miso-cured salmon with green papaya and daikon

Kanpachi sashimi with sesame soy sauce

Yellowfin tuna, crispy rice crackers, wasabi tobiko, soy gêlée & red pickled ginger

Chicken roulade pâté with pickled vegetables

Soybean gazpacho with crab, ramps, and pomegranate

woo lae oak
Ke Sal Mari: Dungeness crab and leek in spinach crêpes, mustard sauce

Drink Japan Without Leaving Little Italy