Meatpacking Rent Party: Lotus and Pizza Bar for Sale

Will no one buy Lotus?
Will no one buy Lotus?haha Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Last week “Page Six” reported that Tenjune owners Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum were eyeing Lotus and Pizza Bar. Sure, even Lotus’ waitress considers it a “tourist attraction” and the owners do have a lot on their hands (their new Mexican restaurant Los Dados is now up and running and Double Seven, previously slated for a mid-summer reopening is now scheduled to do business “in the next few months,” according to a rep), but is Lotus really for sale?

An industry insider tells us that indeed the space is quietly being shown directly to operators. As for Pizza Bar, that same source tells us that it has been anonymously listed at a rent of $16,150 per month and a million-plus in key money for a seven-year lease. The owners of Gin Lane are said to have checked it out (they’re paying over $24k per month for their rent), although one of them, Bobby Rossi, denied it. Still, since the Gin Laners also own Johnny Utah’s, we feel obligated to raise this horrifying possibility: a mechanical bull in the meatpacking district.

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Meatpacking Rent Party: Lotus and Pizza Bar for Sale