La Esquina Reopens, but Serge Becker’s Spots Still Not in the Clear

A sign posted on 205's door last November.
A sign posted on 205’s door last November.haha Photo: Daniel Maurer

La Esquina’s basement and the Box are open again, but Serge Becker’s woes may not be over. Alberto Armendarig, a reporter for Mexican newspaper La Reforma tells us that last Saturday at 205 (another joint Becker has his stamp on), he was choked by a bouncer and bodily ejected from the club in such a way that he tried to press assault charges (cops didn’t find any marks on him and told him to brush it off and call it a night). Sounds like any other Saturday to us, but Armendarig says he’s now on a quest to close the club down. As it turns out, he may not have to lift a finger.

At tonight’s SLA meeting, the authority will discuss whether or not to renew 205’s liquor license, which expired in January. Due to a legal provision, the club has been allowed to operate while the authority investigates various instances of underage drinking, selling alcohol without a license, and, among numerous other charges, “engaging in and/or suffering or permitting the storage, possession, use and trafficking of a controlled substance” in April, May, September, and October of last year. We’ll be watching closely in case a shuttering is imminent.

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La Esquina Reopens, but Serge Becker’s Spots Still Not in the Clear