Is ‘Gossip Girl’ the Most Restauranty Show Since ‘Sex and the City’?

Our hero, Serena van der Woodsen.
Our hero, Serena van der Woodsen.haha

When we spoke to Gilt waiter Chris Wilgos the other day, he had colorful things to say about his old-timer patrons, but the place played to the teens in last night’s premiere episode of Gossip Girl. In one clip, a prep student whose parents supposedly own the place hilariously bribes a cook to make his date her favorite dish: a grilled cheese sandwich with truffle oil. Watch as our hero Serena van der Woodsen downs a martini faster than you can say “extra dirty.” Really, Gilt? Really? Serving minors? Either way, between this, the dinner scene at Geisha, and (believe it) the sex scene at the Campbell Apartment, we’re confident this show will spark the most exclamations of “Hey! I’ve eaten there!” since Sex and the City. Below, the kids take over Gilt.

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Is ‘Gossip Girl’ the Most Restauranty Show Since ‘Sex and the