Imbibing: Double Gold Winning Wine Dinner @ Copperblue

If you’re trading corn and wheat and hogs on the CBOT and having a great day, might we suggest an evening activity for you? Tonight, from 6:30pm to 10pm, Copperblue is hosting a wine dinner (almost too small a phrase to describe an event of this magnitude) featuring over forty double gold-winning wines and spirits.

Double gold sounds like an empty plaudit, and ultimately it may be just that. In the proximate sense, however, it refers to wines and spirits that have won gold in both of two important, uncreatively named events: the San Francisco International Wine Competition and the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. One does not need to be particularly well-versed in anything to recognize that winning a top prize in two events is a pretty good endorsement of quality.

The evening will proceed as follows: first, there will be a walkaround tasting of around twenty of the double goldies, with passed hros d’oeuvres. These range (improbably) from $5 wines to $200 scotches, and is free-form and at one’s own pace. That means you can get totally wasted before the dinner even starts! But we do not recommend that course of action, since the five course meal features the restaurant’s top-quality new American cuisine, centered around preparations of shrimp, trout and filet mignon, with heirloom this and puréed that and God knows what, and everything is paired with wine. If you’re still standing after that, there will be…more wine and scotches to taste. Oh, and throughout, “noted wine & spirits personality” Anthony Dias Blue will give running commentary on your beverages.

If this sounds like the classiest bacchanalia ever to grace these pages, you’d be wrong: we believe we’ve mentioned Charlie Trotter’s $20,000 dinner that he’s giving in October featuring every good chef in the world and where all the money goes to charity*. But this is close: it’s $250, so anyone who shows up will be really, really into it. If you have the money to blow, and you’re having a total “me” moment, you could do worse than this.

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* some of those details may be invented!

Imbibing: Double Gold Winning Wine Dinner @ Copperblue