High Drama At Silk City

Something funny is going on behind the scenes at the Silk City Diner. Departing chefs, vicious rumors, high drama… you name it. Philly mag food blog Taste Daily reports that David Katz and Mark Bee are at each other’s throats:

September 12, 2007: Mark Bee leaves me a voicemail, stating that “crazy” Katz just threw a frying pan at him. I call him back. He said he was just kidding. I have dinner at Silk later that night with Katz still in the kitchen, though he hints that all is not well.September 19, 2007: David Katz e-mails me, explaining that his last day at Silk City was Monday, September 17th. He complains that Silk is heading in a direction too similar to Applebee’s, that the kitchen was “out of order,” and that Bee is “strange.” Reached on his cell phone, Bee says that Katz was “unreasonable,” that he “dismantled the menu too fast,” and that “he always said ‘no way’ instead of ‘no problem.’” Dunmire will be helping out temporarily, but Bee expects a replacement within a week.

For those keeping track at home: Mark Bee is Silk City’s owner. David Katz is the former Restaurant M chef who was hired by Silk City to replace Peter Dunmire, who is now the chef at Bee’s other restaurant North Third. Confused yet?

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High Drama At Silk City