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Handicapping the Vendies

A member of the Vendy Halal of Fame.
A member of the Vendy Halal of Fame.haha Photo: Ben Stechchulte

The Vendy Awards, a.k.a. the Homeless Beards, are upon us again, and the finalists for Street Vendor of the year have just been announced. As at the Beards, a familiar cluster of luminaries dominates the nominations. These are not necessarily the very best carts going, but the ones whose years of service and body of work has earned them a high reputation among sidewalk gastronomes. The nominees, and our handicapping, are below.

NY Dosas, at West 4th Street near Sullivan Street, south side of Washington Square Park. Dosa Man is a nice guy, but we don’t see judges like Ed Levine and Ron Kuby giving top marks to Hindu pancakes. 3:1

• Super Tacos, on 96th Street and Broadway. We saw this one coming; blessed by Peter Meehan, a fine location, and great food. 2:1

•King Falafel and Schwarma, at 30th Street and Broadway in Queens. Requires a falafel connoisseur to appreciate it; no judge except possibly Levine is so equipped. 4:1

• Veronica’s Kitchen on Front Street and Pine Street. Good, but lacks street cred. 5:1

Kwik Meal, on Sixth Avenue and 45th Street. Mohammed Rahman is one of the city’s best known and most-celebrated vendors. His street biryani, arguably the best in the city, has never been honored, and everybody loves the guy. He’s our pick in the Grub Street office pool. Even Money

Vendy Awards Finalists Are In [Gothamist]

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Handicapping the Vendies