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Grub’s Gold: The Best From Year One

Scenes from a year on Grub Street…
Scenes from a year on Grub Street…haha Photo: Melissa Hom, Lee Balterman/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

Ah, how time gets away from us! It was only one year ago that Grub Street began. How we long for those innocent days of yore! We poked through our archives, and, while we had to put a few personal favorites aside, here’s our short list of Grub Street’s Greatest Hits.

Batali and Bourdain Argue Over Adam Platt, the Egg Thief, and Much More
The interview starting out with Mario Batali calling Adam Platt “a miserable fuck,” and only got better from there.

The In-Box: A Restaurant World ‘Howl’
This anonymous jeremiad struck a chord with every industry type we knew.

French Chefs Prepare for New York Marathon With Eating Marathon
A team of top French chefs came to town to run the New York Marathon and mostly just ate giant meals and smoked cigarettes. We were privy to one of their workouts.

The Launch: Farewell, Sam Mason. Hello, Tailor
Our tribute in images to everybody’s favorite pastry pinup, Sam Mason. Music by Paul Anka.

Chef’s Desperate Plea: Nominate Me for an Award!
The post that launched the Jason Neroni saga — but you’ll note we didn’t give his name.

Paul Sevigny’s ‘Top Secret’ Beatrice: Hipster Restaurant of the Season
We were the first to predict that Beatrice, then pretty much unknown, would become the place to be — a year later it still is, especially now that the music is halfway decent.

How to Grill the Great Chain of Being, From Veggies to Steak
A useful, step-by-step guide to self-immolation.

New York Diet: ‘MySpace Queen’ Tila Tequila Drinks Sprite With Her Fugu, Likes Her Omelettes With Ketchup
When we asked Tila Tequila what she ate over the course of a week, we had no idea she’d go on to host a bisexual reality show on MTV. Now that she’s hit the big time, will she still eat hot dogs, noodles, and pizza for breakfast?

Ask a Waiter: Dirty Delta of Lucky Cheng’s Serves Orgy Bowls to Britney Spears
Veteran drag queen Dirty Delta couldn’t have put it better: “Dirty’s the best bitch.” Her story about Britney Spears drinking from an orgy bowl is still our hands-down favorite.

The Underground Gourmet: Charlie Rose, Chicken Thief
Rob and Robin caught the PBS gasbag in what seemed to be a moment of flagrant poultry larceny.

Grub’s Gold: The Best From Year One