Google Makes It Rain On Palomino

If you work in the SoMA/Embarcadeo/Rincon Park area, odds are that you’ve attended one–if not a handful–of Happy Hour celebrations at Palomino. Last Friday a group of drinkers at Palomino had their weekend-kickoff ruined by a shower. The interesting part is that the “rain” wasn’t coming from the heavens, but from the brand-new Google headquarters:

The boss says he complained to the waiter, who promptly blamed Google. The search giant, which rented the floors above Palomino for its new San Francisco digs, apparently installed cooling misters on the deck overlooking the restaurant for its own employees– ostensibly to ward off the heat generated when the SOMA sun meets the patio’s slate floor. But Google placed the misting machines in just the right spot to send the moisture cascading off its deck onto Palomino’s patio.

As if the world needed more proof that Google is taking it over.

Oh, and feel free to insert your “baptism” and/or “golden shower” jokes in the comments field.

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Google Makes It Rain On Palomino