Goldfarb Pooh-Poohs Doubts of Picnick’s Success

Line out the door not shown.
Line out the door not shown.haha

How has the opening of Picnick been going? Some Goldfarbian skeptics might say not so well. Writers to Eater have detailed their disappointments in graphic terms (“There was a bone in my pork. Ow.”), and now one of our correspondents writes in to ask, “What’s with Picnick? It was open for Labor Day and a couple days after, but now it seems to always be closed? Is there an official date for a re-opening?”

So we conveyed the question to Will Goldfarb, who scoffed at the notion of a service interruption. “She must have come on a Monday,” the cake whiz told us. “We’re closed Mondays during September.” Oh, of course, that’s right. But what about all the broken braces and nasty sandwiches the Eater comments spoke of? “I’ll start worrying when I don’t have lines out the door every day,” he said assuredly. See? And you thought there was some doubt about Picnick’s triumph.

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Goldfarb Pooh-Poohs Doubts of Picnick’s Success