Fight For Your Right To Foie Gras

It warmed our hearts when we opened today’s Inquirer and found out that restaurants are standing up for the right to serve foie gras. Nearly 20 establishments in the Philadelphia area have teamed up for a week of exposing the public to foie gras. “Freedom Foie for Five” will offer lunch and dinner portions of foie gras for $5 at restaurants including Vetri, London Grill, Rylei and Le Bec-Fin. Participants are receiving foie gras at cost through an agreement with the Artisan Farmers Alliance.

Foie gras has been under fire in Philadelphia lately. A bill is in the works at City Hall that would ban foie gras and animal rights protestors have been using thuggish tactics against restaurants serving the dish. There are claims that the production of foie gras, which involves force feeding ducks, constitutes animal cruelty.

For our part, we can’t understand how with Philly’s massive homeless problem and the miseries of “Murderdelphia”, how activists can focus on… ducks. Do the right thing and buy one of the London Grill’s t-shirts (pictured; available at bar).

A full list of partcipants is available at Food & Drinq.

A bargain for loves of foie gras [Inquirer]


Fight For Your Right To Foie Gras