Extortion Racket Hits Snag At Richmond Restaurant

We meant to get to this last week, but we should acknowledge the sad/scary story about the Richmond restaurant that got trashed because the owner refused to pay “protection money” to a group of local young thugs:

Three San Francisco men have been arrested for allegedly trying to wring protection money from a Richmond District restaurant and bar, then going on a rampage when the owner didn’t agree.Peng Chen, 21, Enrun Lin, 18, and Rui Liu, 19, allegedly sought money from the owner of the Maze Cafe at 4134 Geary Blvd., then smashed up the bar Aug. 23.

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the melee, but the three stooges caused over $5,000 worth of damages. It’s hard enough to sustain a restaurant in San Francisco as it is; now there are “Godfather Part II“-like mobs demanding protection money? And does it really count as protection money if said money earns protection from the people you give it to? Isn’t that just robbing?

Protection money: the next great food trend.

Update: The brother of one of the aforementioned suspects was arrested Friday on gun charges.

3 arrested in extortion plot against Richmond District restaurant [SFGate]

Extortion Racket Hits Snag At Richmond Restaurant