Eating Upper Darby

Today’s Daily News is going all out in the inner ring ‘burbs with a guide to Upper Darby. While they talk about the 69th Street shopping strip, Tina Fey, Todd Rundgren, Jim Croce and all the rest (what, no FOD?), our interest is in the food.

Upper Darby is an ethnic dining heaven. The DN gives shout outs to a bunch of local joints, including La Marqueza, Sabor Latino, Sohna Punjab (6937 Ludlow St.), Little Saigon, Sol del Peru (57 Garrett Rd.), Chung Woon Gark (29 Garrett Rd.) and Bona Cucina.

There’s even a seperate feature on the ethnic food offerings at U.D. Korean supermarket H Mart.

A guide to global grub in immigrants’ haven [Daily News]
A Seoul-food grocer near Terminal [Daily News]


Eating Upper Darby