Dinner’s Extinct @ Dodo

Well, it was a good run.

Dodo, the cute, hipstery Ukie Village diner, has ended its dinner experiment. The floodgates opened on June 4th, and the Chicagoist went to check it out. They liked a crostini and a spaetzle dish, but thought a butterflied chicken breast was a little overcooked, and were sort of weirded out by the tiny menu, not to mention the incongruences in the restaurant’s atmosphere, which seemed uncomfortable switching from daytime to night. The review ended on a hopeful note (“We have a feeling that with a little time, Dodo dinner will be just as fabulous as Dodo breakunch.”), but alas. On the plus side, as far as we can tell, breakfast/lunch/breakunch is as popular and successful as ever. We applaud Dodo for both its experimentation and its prudence in not letting a bad idea kill the whole enterprise.

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[Photo: a dodo, Oxford University Museum of Natural History]

Dinner’s Extinct @ Dodo