Digesting The Reviews: Ducca Nabs Three Stars

Not too long ago, Michael Bauer declared hotel dining to be the new fad in dining; in Sunday’s Chronicle, he took aim at the city’s newest hotel eatery: the Westin’s Ducca. From the get-go, Bauer is impressed with the location and ambiance, from the outdoor patio (“probably the largest in the city”) to the “superb” job done by the designers (the Puccini Group). As for Gary Danko-vet Chef Richard Corbo’s rustic Italian menu, the combination of old-school preparations and modern thinking makes for some unexpected hits. All aspects considered, Bauer hearts Ducca in just about every way:

Corbo’s food, the spacious interior and the cordial staff all combine to create the type of experience that should entice San Franciscans. Maybe that’s why on one of my visits I spotted Willie Brown and lots of other movers and shakers. Ducca is a destination restaurant that, with the exception of the expensive $17 valet parking, overcomes the constraints of being associated with a hotel. It elevates hotel dining to a sophisticated local level.

San Francisco, meet your newest destination restaurant. Chef Corbo, welcome to the three-star club.

[Bonus wine coverage: Bauer reports that the wine list at Ducca is a “pleasant surprise.” Unlike most upscale hotel dining spots, Ducca offers a wealth of interesting Italian wines with a “reasonable” mark-up.]

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[Photo courtesy: Ducca]

Digesting The Reviews: Ducca Nabs Three Stars