Deals That Scare Us: 3 Courses At Bakers Square For $7.99

If this photograph represents the best that Bakers Square has to offer, then $7.99 sounds just about spot-on:

Actually, we really like the math they’ve done. Five entrées (this being “Juicy Sirloin Steak”), soup or salad and 20+ pies…five times two times twenty-five will get you 250 any day of the week. And in fact, it’s offered every day of the week!

But that steak…we’re sorry, we’d have to decline. It looks both reconstituted and grisly, somehow, especially on the heels of the $99 dinner for two deal at Morton’s. The vegetables are a nice save, but anyone can microwave frozen vegetables. The soup - is Progresso? Fact: we have not tried their pies. The lit says, “The Best Pie In America®,” which is an outrageously audacious claim, made that much worse by the registered trademark. That means Bakers Square could sue someone for using that phrase! When it can’t even possibly be true! So on principle we cannot like the pie.

Nevertheless, $7.99 is an awfully small amount of money for that much food. We paid the same for a single piece of bluefin toro the other day; we will keep our counsel as to which we believe is a better value.

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[Photo: 3-Courses Combos At Bakers Square]

Deals That Scare Us: 3 Courses At Bakers Square For $7.99