Controversy Shorts

1) Orange You Glad He Didn’t Say Goodbye?

Gawker directed us to the New York Post, which is reporting that the Food Network has dropped Mario Batali from their line-up. Entirely. All of his shows, and his Iron Chefdom, to boot! But then, Ed Levine wrote on Serious Eats that the Post’s accusation of him leaving Iron Chef America is a LIE, and he’s actually shooting some episodes next week. Of course, that leaves room for his other shows to be off the air. Clearly, this is not over yet.

2) What’s in a name?

This was the subject line of a delightful email from reader Anne, who pointed out that we had mistitled Mexx Kitchen At The Whiskey as Mexx Kitchen At The Whiskey Bar (emphasis added). We called the restaurant up and asked which of the two appellations was correct, and we were told, “the former.” What a lovely construction for someone to use, especially on the telephone with a stranger! Anyway, we bring this up because, really, we’d be a hypocrite if we didn’t.

[Photo: Orange crocs, Gardenscape]


Controversy Shorts