Celebrating: Summer Feast @ Lake Side Cafe

Shana tova! Some of you will be celebrating the Jewish New Year at Erev Rosh Hashanah services, and then share in a lovely meal of brisket, kugel, and other accouterments of Ashkenazi cuisine.

Others, the Sephardi and Mizrahi among you, will have more fun things like tagines and couscouses and God knows what. But for most of you, it’s just…Wednesday.

Fear not, we have a plan for you anyway. Tonight, Lake Side Cafe is throwing one of their occasional vegan buffet parties, which, in addition to all you can eat vegan cuisines, features live music, dance, and poetry! Children are more than welcome; so much so that those under three years old get in free of charge (under 11 is $10, and over 11 is $17 in advance, $19 at the door). The buffet starts at 6pm, and the “performances” at 8:30. Dancing will go on indefinitely, until the last vegan collapses from the strain and joy of it all.

We feel like this event falls under the broad heading of quasi-spiritual activity: veganism is quite the New Age ideology, and any time dance and poetry occur simultaneously, it means people are really feeling…something, at least. Our point is, regardless of your affiliations, today can be a day of personal renewal for everybody.

Oh, a note on the name of the event. Who calls something “Summer Feast” after Labor Day? Hmm, maybe people who recognize that it’s officially summer until 9/21 - the equinox is something that New Agers take seriously. So…summer: enjoy it while you still can.

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[Photo: Summer Feast’s official mascot, LSC]

Celebrating: Summer Feast @ Lake Side Cafe