CB to Richie Akiva’s New Club: Not So Fast!

Photo: Melissa Hom

Community Board 4 was surprised to hear Richie Akiva tell us that he and partner Scott Sartiano are planning to open their new spot 1OAK (remember? The one that will “change the face of nightlife”?) on October 19. According to a board member, the Butter boys don’t exactly have their papers in order, since they applied for a cabaret license without going through the CB as required. They’ve now agreed to withdraw the application until the CB votes in early November.

Community-board members are also concerned about another discrepancy: The cabaret-license application bears the names of Akiva and Sartiano, but the existing liquor license is under the name of John Yunkus, onetime owner of the space and of the adjacent Red Rock West. Given this confusion and the luxury apartments going up across the street, says our CB source, “a cabaret license doesn’t look promising.” We’re sure Lindsay won’t hesitate to break the law when she wants to dance on a table.

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CB to Richie Akiva’s New Club: Not So Fast!