Blog Reviews: Week Of Eventually Forgetting

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers (mostly Drive-Thru) were all over the damn place last week, in alphabetical order by restaurant

• The review was going to be about Pannenkoeken Cafe (see below), but it was too crowded, so instead, the reviewer went to standby Cafe Selmarie, which proved its worth with a delicious brunch [Drive-Thru]

• If you’re deeply connected to the world of old-school Chicago like this reviewer seems to be, Gene & Georgetti is a great insiders’ place to stuff your face with delicious and profoundly filling Italo-Steakiness [Metroblogging Chicago]

• Finally, the reviewer from before was able to make it to Pannenkoeken Cafe and thought the Dutch crepe-pancake hybrids were quite tasty and approved of the restaurant’s concept, but was frustrated by the small space and large crowds [Drive-Thru]

• New 70s- and 80s-themed lounge Reagle Beagle gets the decor right but misses on the food. Which is to say, it’s not good at all [The Stew]

• New Ukie/Humboldt coffee shop Star Lounge Cafe is like a bar with its neighborliness, but with coffee for productivity instead. And bagels! [Drive-Thru]

[Photo: please, enough photos of it already!]


Blog Reviews: Week Of Eventually Forgetting