Blog Reviews: Week Of Canine Rights & Wrongs

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week, in alphabetical order by restaurant

• The AYCE concept at Al Primo Canto, an Italo-Brazilian in NW Chicago, is working wonders. The meat is tasty as expected, but the starches astound. Look for an a la carte menu and brunch in the near future [Food Chain]

• Appetizers are so good at Anteprima that it can be hard to get to the entrees! But don’t feel obliged to save room for dessert [Chicagoist]

• New River North gastropub English does a mean fish and chips for lunch, and has an intriguing drink menu in space where the decor is…confusing [The Stew]

• At Piccolo, a vegan panino can be constructed if you ask nicely - don’t know about the gelato, though [Drive-Thru]

• Rightfully considered one of the best-of-breed in Chicago, Pop’s Italian Beef delivers a fantastic sandwich and McD-esque fries, in a good way. All that and it doesn’t even feel unhealthy! [Chicago Burger Project]

• Newish vegetarian Indian place on Devon, Uru-Swati, may not serve dosas, but is generally delicious [Chicago Foodies]

[Photo: Dog hotpot. Yes, with dog meat. Yes, in China. gcrussell1/flickr]


Blog Reviews: Week Of Canine Rights & Wrongs