Blog Reviews: Week Of Baccala Closing Loudly On The Blogosphere

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week, in alphabetical order by restaurant

• If you had gone to the Whiskey Dinner at David Burke’s Primehouse, you’d have discovered that Scotch and shellfish are natural companions. Who knew? [Chicagoist]

• At The Gage, a bit of an identity crisis between gastro- and -pub [Hungry Mag]

• Uh oh, peak weekend service at Julius Meinl Cafe is slipping. Maintain your European standards! [Drive-Thru]

• A vegan could do worse than Nacional 27, where the chef is happy to accommodate, if not always in a totally orthodox manner (watch out for seafood!) [Drive-Thru]

• Following the addition of a dining room in the back, Shan Foods is still churning out delicious Indian quick plates and snacks [Big Sweet Tooth]

• In the Loop, Shikago is the answer to everyone’s “what’s for lunch?” prayers. Also, “what’s for dinner?” [Drive-Thru]

• On Wednesdays, SushiSamba Rio hosts “Favela Nights,” where maybe you’ll get a taste of life in Brazil’s urban slums. Additionally, they have tasty seafood, but these things are largely unrelated [Chicagoist]

• Finally, some high-end Korean at Su-Ra with all the sustainable ingredients and swanky atmo you’d expect. Still finding its sea legs, though [The Stew]

[Photo: a doctored cod from the baccala official site!]


Blog Reviews: Week Of Baccala Closing Loudly On The Blogosphere