Big Eats At The Big E

We firmly and enthusiastically endorse state fairs. Where else in this world can you ride the Thunderbolt (our all time favorite ride), watch a pig race, see the largest pumpkin in the area, and gorge yourself on deep fried foods all on the same day? Nowhere, that’s where. The Big E is the biggest fair around. Held in West Springfield for fourteen days every September, the Big E celebrates the best New England has to offer. With apologies to the midway, the best part of the fair is inarguably the Avenue of States. Each state gets its own building. These buildings are a very very good place to eat.

We’d advise starting your day at the Big E with a Big E creampuff. The size? Ridiculous. The flavor? Awesome. For lunch, head over to the Avenue of States. Start with an appetizer of clam chowder at Massachusetts. Move along to Rhode Island for lemonade and quahogs. In Maine, sample a lobster roll and the baked potato (some call it the world’s best). Grab some flatbread from Vermont and finish off with a steamed burger and fries at Connecticut.

Find your dinner on the midway. A deep-fried oreo? Fried dough? The world is your oyster! One word of advice: we will judge you harshly if you skip out on either peanut butter fudge or deep fried cheese curds. After all, the Big E only comes but once a year and it’s our responsibility as New Englanders to take advantage of it.

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[Photo: Taquitos]

Big Eats At The Big E