Best Of MenuPages Reviews: The Week In Pizza

We may not do reviews at MenuPages, but our legions of users are all over that. Here are seven (!) of interest.

Approximately 13% of the reviews we received last week were for pizza places, or places that serve pizzas. In the interest of bombarding you with useless information, here’s ALL OF THEM, in chronological order:

Cafe Luigi, on 9/11, by “Pizza Freak”:

I love walking over here for lunch on work days. They have excellent pizza. Sort of a Sbarro type place, but the slices are always big and they are actually filling. I love this place.

Ew, Sbarro. Do not follow this person’s advice! After all, they are, by their own admission, a freak.

* * *

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria, on 9/12, by “Jenn”:

My group and i visited Lou’s on 9/9/07 while attending a conference in Chicago. It was recommended by one of our group who had visited before. It was thee best pizza we all had EVER eaten. We were amazed at the size and aroma of the deluxe pizza. However, after taking a bite and experiencing the extacy of flavors that were melded together our expectations were far exceeded. The crust, oh that buttery crust just melted in your mouth. Our server Lissa was so attentive to out needs. It was quite warm in the restaurant and after being shut down by the hostess to prop open the door, Lissa had us moved upstairs where it was way more compfortable. She went the extra mile to make us happy. I would recommend that if ever visiting Chicago, go, taste, and experience Lou’s Malnati’s Pizzeria. You definitely wont regret it. Make sure to ask for Lissa.

Always happy to school non-Chicagolanders in good pizza. Even nicer when that pizza is paired with good service. It is interesting (well, maybe not really) that visitors always address their reviews to other visitors.

* * *

Sergio’s Taqueria & Pizza, on 9/15, by “Doro B.”, entitled “best 3way ever”(!)

The pizza is awesome, the Italian is delicious, and the mexican is to die for. All of it at a very low price, I think.

We thought it was spam, based on the title, and even after reading the review it took us a few seconds to add one and one and one. Places that specialize in more than one cuisine rarely do either of them well, but maybe this is an exception?

* * *

Giorgio’s Pizza, on 9/15, by “Anonymous”:

This place has great service. We need a decent pizza joint in the neighborhood, and it is finally here! Good meal. Tasty pizza. Fresh salads.

The neighborhood in question is Irving Park, and as far as we can tell, there’s no other pizza place for a half-mile radius. So maybe this is true.

* * *

Il Fiasco, on 9/17, by “Anonymous”:

I have tried a bunch of the restaurants along Clark St. in Andersonville and this is the best of them all. I have been there a few times with my boyfriend and have tried the various pizzas and pastas. Each time the food was delicious and the pizza is the most authentic Italian pizza I have eaten in Chicago. All the pastas are light with really fresh ingredients I highly recommend the ravioli. A pizza is $10 and pasta can range from $10-$15. Highly recommend.

Most authentic in Chicago, eh? Digression: is this how one spells the onomatopoeia for the sound that connotes playful doubt and sounds like the letter ‘a’? Eh, who cares - the urgency of that question pales in comparison to the claim this reviewer makes. Anyone who wants to contest, please feel free to do so in the blog comments or as a review for this restaurant.

* * *

Angie’s Pizza, on 9/17, by “Anonymous”:

Best BBQ Chicken Pizza on the South Side. Made with premium chicken breasts cut up and seasoned with a fantastic BBQ sauce, baked just right! Cold Beer - Family Atmosphere - Great Service!

Sold. We like any pizzeria that has a hand in making the toppings it uses.

* * *

Lucky Vito’s Pizzeria, on 9/17, by “One word WOW!!!!”:

They have the best pizza I have ever had!!!!

This is neither intelligent nor descriptive, particularly, but other reviews for Lucky Vito’s seem to concur. At any rate, a good way to end this roundup, on a low note.

[Photo: A Lou Malnati’s pizza, foodite/flickr]

Best Of MenuPages Reviews: The Week In Pizza