Best Of MenuPages Reviews: Praise For Those Who Deserve It, Derision For Those Who Don’t

We may not do reviews at MenuPages, but our legions of users are all over that. Here are four of interest.

Unusually, our favorite reviews from the past week came in on Friday and Saturday. That’s because those aren’t the soberest of days, and people get lazy and sloppy. But not this time! Maybe because people knew they had such a long weekend of drinking ahead of them, they decided to exercise constraint during the first half? Doubt it (we certainly didn’t). Anyway, some of the reviews we picked are of the “we were astonished by the fabulosity” variety, and some are just plain funny. Anyway, to them, in no particular order:

On 9/1, “DharmaBum” (bo-ring) wrote the following about Sepia:

I visited Sepia twice and both times have been astonished by the quality of the food and the quality of the service. Both times the friends I was with commented on how great the food was and how wonderful the ambience of the restaurant was. I highly recommend this place.

The review isn’t earth-shattering, but wow, can this place do any wrong? We haven’t read a sore review yet, but as soon as we do, we will happily share it (because we’re petty like that).

On 8/31, “Marc” took it upon himself to overuse the parenthetical (a crime we’re of which we’re regularly guilty) in his review of Aigre Doux:

Went to the restaurant on Tuesday for what was a truly fabulous meal. The staff was extremely helpful (and honest) about the food. The wine steward helped us pick out a couple of great bottles that were in our price range. The atmosphere is nice and appropriate. All of that is complementary to the delicious food, appropriate sized servings (we were neither hungry nor uncomfortable after dinner) that mixed several distinct flavors into delicious plates of food. Each bite was something slightly different, and each was great. I highly recommend it.

Our recommendation is to try to break things up with dashes, commas, and even the occasional period.

And then things got humorous.

On 9/1, “Anonymous” confounded us with this review for Bryn Mawr Deli:

I’m vegetarian so I can only speak for the grilled vegetable sandwich and the tuna sandwich, but they were both very good. I imagine the meat sandwiches must be the same. The tuna ,especially, was an exceptional tuna salad. It tastes like it has fresh dill in it too.

For the record, a “vegetarian” who eats fish is called a pescetarian. There are many ways in which eating fish, especially tuna, is more immoral than land animals - they’re wild, overhunted, and are likely to be gone in fifty years. Can you say this about chicken? No.

Finally, on 8/31, “Anonymous” wrote in with a warning about [REDACTED]:

My problems with [REDACTED]:
1. I found hair on my plate and I did not receive an apology from the owner. Will I recommend this place? Yes, if you want free hair.

Ha ha! Preparing us for a long list but stopping at the first item is a tried-and-true comedic device. Also, we commend Anonymous’ restraint in using a period - rather than an exclamation point - for the concluding joke.

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Best Of MenuPages Reviews: Praise For Those Who Deserve It, Derision For Those