Being Correct: Shedd Aquarium’s Right Bite Dinner @ Parker’s Ocean Grill

So this no-seafood-in-50-years thing is kind of a big deal. Can you think of a reason why you’d want to continue living in a world without seafood? Us either. How dare we let this happen to ourselves, our antecessors, and indeed, to the aquatic life we’re wiping out? No, no, no, we must find a better way!

Well, the Shedd Aquarium has an idea: how about sustainable fishing? As you can see in the above chart, it is possible to eat seafood harvested in such a manner that it does not endanger the survival of the species. This is especially true for the seafood that we’ve managed to integrate into aquaculture - that is to say, farm. Did you know that you could get farmed barramundi? The techniques are improving, giving us higher-quality fish with less environmental waste.

Some species may never be farmable, and eventually, they’re going to go extinct - unless we enact extremely stringent fishing limitations, and enforce them. Since that probably won’t happen until it’s too late for many types of fish, our vote is for nanotechnology. Don’t ask us how, but we bet we’ll be eating molecularly-constructed fish well into our golden years.

Anyway, there was a point to all this! Shedd’s been doing a dinner series at area restaurants, highlighting sustainable seafood in all its glory. Tonight’s dinner is at Parkers’ Ocean Grill in Downers Grove, starting at 6pm. The cost is $75, and you can try for a reservation at (312) 692-3123. A guest speaker may be involved!

The dinner will include scallops from Taylor Bay, Mass., wild Alaskan salmon, Carolina catfish, Alaskan halibut, and heirloom tomato salad, among other things. The tomato salad is an excellent example of sustainable seafood, as it contains no seafood whatsoever. If you really want to the fish to thrive, tomatoes are the way to go.

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[Photo: Right Bight Seafood card, Shedd Aquarium]

Being Correct: Shedd Aquarium’s Right Bite Dinner @ Parker’s Ocean Grill