Back To School For Grownups

Every year, September brings with it a powerful surge of nostalgia. We inevitably find ourselves in the school supplies aisle at CVS, mooning over binders and pens (despite the fact that MenuPages provides for our office supply needs) and assembling outfits so as to best maximize any first impressions that might be necessary (despite the fact that we go to the same job with the same people every day). We certainly don’t want to go back to school for real, but taking some more classes might be nice. If you feel the same way (and really, we suspect it’s a bit of a universal instinct), why not think about a cooking class? You’ll get to report to a classroom, meet some new people, and, best of all, learn how to prepare some excellent dishes at home. We’ve scoured the internet and here are five of the best options we’ve found.

The Class: Cooking Across The Country: Regional Dishes of the U.S.
The Location: Boston Center for Adult Education
Why You Should Sign Up: The BCAE is offering three sessions of this class focusing on different areas of the country. We’d go for the section on the Northern Plains, where students will learn to make pan-roasted venison, spicy cranberry sauce, and whipped sweet potatoes. Perfect for impressing your family at Thanksgiving!

The Class: Back to Basics
The Location: The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts
Why You Should Sign Up: The beauty of this course is that it functions as a sort of sped-up culinary school education for the home cook. In six weeks, you’ll learn everything from knife skills to sauces.

The Class: The Art of Middle Eastern Cooking
The Location: Cambridge Center for Adult Education
Why You Should Sign Up: Did you read the New Yorker profile of Middle Eastern cuisine guru Claudia Roden? So inspiring. Middle Eastern food is exciting, flavorful, and overwhelmingly healthy.

The Class: Pasta and Gnocchi Workshop
The Location: Helen’s Kitchen
Why You Should Sign Up: Students rave about cooking instructor Helen Rennie. Once you learn how to make pasta from scratch, you’ll never go back to the boxed kind.

The Class: Baking the Clear Flour Way
The Location: Boston University Food & Wine Program
Why You Should Sign Up: Clear Flour makes the best bread in the city. Also, there’s nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread wafting through your home.

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Back To School For Grownups