AvroKO’s New Restaurant Poised to Hit Bond Street

AvroKO's Adam Farmerie
AvroKO’s Adam Farmeriehaha Photo: Patrick McMullan

AvroKO, the architectural and restaurant team behind Public, is planning to open a new eatery at 26-28 Bond Street, not far from Ian Schrager’s forthcoming condos at 40 and 48 Bond. Unlike Forty Deuce, they received the go-ahead (albeit in a split decision, after much debate) from CB2’s business committee last night. AvroKO’s Adam Farmerie filled us in on his plan for the 100-seat restaurant, under the working name Superior.

According to Farmerie, the restaurant will be a more casual version of Public, with his brother Brad working on the menu. Superior will occupy two buildings — with a ground-floor entry to one and stairs into a basement shared by both. “On the ground floor there’s a bar with dining all around it,” says Farmerie, whose team spent an entire year pursuing spaces before finding this one. “The downstairs is more of a full-on dining room.” Though Farmerie is keeping mum on what the whiz kids at AvroKO have planned for the bathrooms (to be located, with the kitchen, a floor below the subterranean dining room ) or anything else, he promises, “It’ll be cool!”

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AvroKO’s New Restaurant Poised to Hit Bond Street