The New York Diet

Director Arden Wohl Only Eats Fish Twice a Week

Arden Wohl will teach a man to fish, twice a week.
Arden Wohl will teach a man to fish, twice a week.haha Photo: Melissa Hom

Last fall during Fashion Week, rising director and headwear-loving “alternasocialite” Arden Wohl was walking the runway for Imitation of Christ. This time around, she’s been holed up in pre-production for her movie starring Leelee Sobieski (the narrator of her student film Coven) which she’ll shoot later this month in Long Island City. “It’s about New York women, and life. It’s about dreams,” she breathlessly told us before running to a premiere party where she slowed down for just one second to let us photograph her catching a drink. What else did this confessed leather-wearing pescatarian eat this week?

Thursday, September 6
I had Heartland granola cereal. I had some water crackers with a little bit of that good salsa — and some fig compote. And I had a natural energy bar.

Wednesday, September 5
I woke up really early and had a natural energy bar, Ezekiel cereal with rice milk (plain, no flavor).

For lunch I went to Pepe Verde and had a tuna-salad sandwich with focaccia bread. I only eat fish twice a week. They’re overfishing, and it’s really bad. There’s a lot of mercury in tuna. I eat crabs, they’re like spiders. I never ate red meat really — I wear leather, so I’m a hypocrite. I just don’t like it.

I went to the Spotted Pig late night, and I had an order of French fries and the side plate of vegetables. I ate the entire basket of bread. My friend had a burger, and it was red and bleeding — it was disgusting. At the same time it’s probably better eating organic meat than eating fish at this state in the game because they’re overfishing.

Tuesday, September 4
I had a bagel from Out of the Kitchen, which is across the street from my house. I had a smoothie from Elixer — it wasn’t as good as the food. I had a vegan muffin. Then I went to Souen and had the macro platter without the beans — it’s brown rice, kale, seaweed, and it usually has beans. I eat a lot of rice and beans. I ordered a juice to go.

I ordered a vegetarian burrito from Benny’s for dinner.

Monday, September 3
I went to Out of the Kitchen with my friend and had fresh OJ, and then we walked to ’sNice. I had a muffin, a vegan cupcake, and the vegan panini with tofu — it’s tofu, pesto, and pine nuts, but it’s made without Parmesan cheese. I really have a great dislike for most hard cheeses.

I went to some Italian place in Little Italy, and I had plain pasta and then I had cheesecake. Throughout the day I ate the cookie dough out of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Sunday, September 2
I wasn’t feeling well so I slept late. I went to Integral Yoga and got a swampy green drink with flaxseed oil and ginger and a weird vegan muffin. It was kind of gross.

I went to dinner at Morimoto and had the salad there — I always have the same thing. I had two orders of the Alaskan-king-crab appetizer with spicy sauce. It comes in eight pieces, but I always wind up getting more.

Saturday, September 1
I went to Murray’s Bagels, and I had the egg salad on whole-wheat bagel, and then I walked with my friend and I had chocolate-chip cookie dough from Haagen Dazs. The Ben & Jerry’s is better than the Haagen Dazs — it’s easier to get the cookie dough out. And there’s more chunks in the low-fat version. I don’t really like ice cream that much.

Director Arden Wohl Only Eats Fish Twice a Week