The New York Diet

Kristina Klebe of ‘Halloween’ Likes Her Yogurt With Pumpkin Seeds

This salad is killer.
This salad is killer.haha Photo: Melissa Hom

If you’re one of the many who saw Rob Zombie’s Halloween during its record-setting opening weekend, you last saw Kristina Klebe playing trash-talking cheerleader Lynda. You’ll probably next see her alongside Uma Thurman in Griffin Dunne’s comedy The Accidental Husband, in which she plays Isabelle Rossellini’s (fully dressed and much more conservative) daughter. In the meantime, she’s jetting between her hometown, New York (she used to bartend at Serafina), and her adopted city, L.A.“I love that I can walk back to a place after dinner,” she says of New York. “If you go out in L.A., you’re full and you just go out to your car and go home.” So where did she dine and dash during this week of auditions and director meetings?

Thursday, September 13
Every morning I eat breakfast at home — I always have Special K with coffee and a little piece of a croissant. I’m really obsessed with Special K — sometimes I mix it up with Kashi Heart to Heart. And I like 2 percent milk.

For lunch I went to Dean & DeLuca on Spring and Broadway (I had an audition a block away) and got a lentil salad with carrot-and-sweet-potato salad. I mixed the two and had a coffee.

Wednesday, September 12
I was at home signing photos and autographs. Some guy at the submarine naval base in Georgia wrote me that his submarine was being deployed and they wanted to put my photo up in the submarine.

For lunch I was at my friend’s studio — he’s an up-and-coming men’s designer. He ordered food. I had really good steamed halibut and broccoli rabe in a sauce of steamed tomatoes.

I didn’t have dinner. I had a really good Greek yogurt with wheat bran and pumpkin seeds and cranberries.

Tuesday, September 11
It was raining, so it was a home day. I was reading scripts and learning my lines for my audition on Wednesday. I had a home-cooked chicken cutlet for lunch. I drink a lot of San Pellegrino water. I also drink tap water in New York. It tastes better than any other tap water — it’s like Evian coming out of my faucet.

I went to dinner at Blue Ribbon Sushi, and I had yellowtail sashimi and a salmon tartar with a quail egg. The best sushi is in L.A. I’ve converted.

Monday, September 10
I had oatmeal with raisins for breakfast.

I had this meeting with a director for two hours. I came home at 1 p.m., and my mother was cooking. (When I come to New York, I stay with my parents.) I had a fresh chicken cutlet with lemon; she makes them amazingly well. I had some steamed vegetables for dinner.

Sunday, September 9
I had yogurt for breakfast and Wasa crispbread with cherry jam. My parents had lunch together at home, and my mom made grilled fish and an eggplant-and-tomato-vegetable mix. My mom brought back these homemade cookies from Sicily.

I went out to a fashion party and sit-down dinner at Gemma for Another Magazine. I was at the table with the guy from Fischerspooner, Casey — he and his boyfriend were the nicest people I met. I did meet Chloë Sevigny for a second. Coming from the not-fashion world, it was the most surreal experience hearing people talk — I felt like I was in a chemistry class. I didn’t understand what everyone was talking about. Then there was an after-party at the Box: It was all the same people, but they kind of relaxed a bit.

Saturday, September 8
I stayed home and slept. I had this stomach virus, and I started getting a cold. I was dying. I just had leftover poulet Cajun from the night before. Then I had yogurt for dinner.

Friday, September 7
I had yogurt with wheat bran in the morning — my fill of fiber. I had a business lunch with this guy at Butterfield 8. I had a Cobb salad and sweet-potato fries and a club soda. That night I had dinner with Kathy, my best friend. We ate at Le Bilboquet. That’s my favorite restaurant. I only go there once in a while because it’s super expensive. I used to know everyone who worked there, so I’d get free food. They must marinate the chicken so it’s super, super tender. It’s melt-in-your-mouth chicken.

Thursday, September 6
I was really sick. I’m not even going to go into what happened when I woke up. There was no Special K in the house, so I almost went crazy, but I had Honey Bunches of Oats, so I got a little of that in my stomach. My friend brought over some very delicious matzo-ball soup. I hadn’t had it before. It was really good — I might have to find a place in L.A. where I can get it. I don’t know where that would be.

Kristina Klebe of ‘Halloween’ Likes Her Yogurt With Pumpkin Seeds