Yards Brewery Update

The Inquirer has an update on the breakup of Yards Brewery. Company founder Tom Kehoe Jr. will keep the name, trademark and recipes, but former business partners Bill & Nancy Barton will keep Yards’ Kensington brewery and all tanks. they will restart as the Philadelphia Brewing Co. Meanwhile, all this is slowly going through the courts and is (mostly) resolved:

“In June, McBride filed two suits against Yards and Kehoe in Philadelphia’s Court of Common Pleas. In one, he sought repayment of $30,000 in personal loans. In the other, he asked to be compensated for the use of brewing tanks. The two sides said they figured out how to divide the business after an 11-hour marathon bargaining session Thursday.”

Taps for brewery breakup [Inquirer]

[Photo via Inquirer]


Yards Brewery Update