Who’s The Mad Cow Now?

Yup, still us. We don’t know why we keep making these errors involving Kevin Pang, but unlike the errors we make involving everyone else, Kevin actually emails us about it. This time, it was about an assumption we made as we cruised through Kevin’s write-up of his dinner at TABLE fifty-two. Kevin was describing some “house-pickled green tomatoes slices” that were served to him personally by Chef Smith, and we assumed he was talking about the fried green tomato Napoleon with goat cheese, local greens, apple wood-smoked bacon and olive and sun-dried tomato tapenades. (Looking back, that was pretty stupid.) But no, the tomato actually came out of a little jar, not in the form of a Napoleon. Anyway, we’re always more than happy to set the record straight. By the way, Kevin also mentioned that, apparently, Oprah’s yet to dine there. Probably off saving young children or something.

Oh, but we did have a reason for the title of this post. This morning, we mentioned the latest hoof and mouth outbreak in Britain. Well, it turns out that the source of the scare is a pair of virology labs! One is government, and the other one is commercial and run by a subsidiary of Merck! There will be hell to pay for this - if nothing else, Britain’s annual beef and cattle exports are worth around $200 million, and are not helped by this incident. We smell a BBC movie!

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Who’s The Mad Cow Now?