Welcome Back, Northeastern!

It’s that time of the year again. College students are about to return to the Hub in full force and though they can drive full-time Bostonians a little nuts, they make the city more energetic, so let’s welcome them, shall we? We’ll be offering a series of posts for various colleges over the next week, highlighting our top picks for delivery, study break spots, hangover food, and dining on a parent’s dime. Today’s last guide is for Northeastern, where first-year orientation starts tomorrow.

Despite the fact that all our schooling between the ages of twelve and eighteen took place within ten minutes of Northeastern, we just realized we don’t know that much about the school. We know they have a kickass ASL interpreter training program, that the coops seem neat, and that one summer we worked nearby and every student we saw seemed to be wearing the same outfit, although that last part certainly doesn’t hold true for other Northeastern students we’ve met. Also, Northeastern’s gym is designed in the meanest possible way. We for one don’t want to look down on a food court while we’re running on the treadmill. Although the gym may be cruel, it’s something of a necessity at Northeastern, a campus on which delightfully junky food abounds. Below, four of our top picks for the best of the college food groups.

Delivery: Eating in is delightful at Penguin Pizza, but ordering out is almost as nice. The pizza more or less sticks to the basics, which it does very very well. The bolognaise pizza has a well-deserved cult following.

Study Break Snacks: Although Espresso Royale Cafe is a chainlet, each location manages to feel wholly unique and well-suited to the neighborhood. Also, the coffee is insanely delicious and sure to pep up even the most sleep-deprived of college students.

Hangover Food: Although Sunrise Chinese Food really doesn’t look like much from the outside, it churns out reliably awesome staples until two in the morning. Call in for a double order of Peking ravioli to soak up the hangover in your belly and get it delivered so you can eat it while lying on your bed and watching a Top Chef marathon.

On Your Parents’ Dime: Spend a lovely afternoon with your parents exploring the Museum of Fine Arts before settling in for a sophisticated dinner at Bravo. Foie gras roulade isn’t exactly part of your day-to-day budget, but that’s what parental visits are for, right?

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Welcome Back, Northeastern!