Welcome Back, Brandeis!

It’s that time of the year again. College students are about to return to the Hub in full force and though they can drive full-time Bostonians a little nuts, they make the city more energetic, so let’s welcome them, shall we? We’ll be offering a series of posts for various colleges over the next week, highlighting our top picks for delivery, study break spots, hangover food, and dining on a parent’s dime. First up is Brandeis, where first-year orientation starts tomorrow.

To be 100% honest, we don’t know all that much about Brandeis. Like so many people of Jewish descent, we have a cousin that went there, but not a close one. Everyone we’ve met who attended Brandeis, however, seemed to really like it, so we’re sure it’s a lovely school. Brandeis is, of course, located in Waltham, which is rather fortunate for the Brandeisian (?) foodie. Waltham’s reputation as a dining destination is fast-growing, and with good reason! Moody Street is packed with excellent restaurants and the food shopping options are second to none. Below, our suggestions for the aforementioned four major college food groups.

Delivery: Gourmet pizza recently arrived in Waltham with the opening of a branch of The Upper Crust. On those nights where you simply don’t have the time to take a break from writing that term paper to run to the dining hall (or you can’t tear yourself away from that marathon of The Hills), rejuvenate your spirits with a pie loaded with toppings (we’re partial to sundried tomatoes, pesto, and ricotta).

Study Break Snacks: Don’t let midterms sink your spirits! Grab your favorite study buddy and mosey on down to Moody Street for a sundae at Lizzy’s. If a few scoops of chocolate orgy topped with some hot peanut butter sauce doesn’t de-stress you, we don’t know what will.

Hangover Food: It is a truth universally acknowledged that tacos are the world’s best hangover food. Pad on down to Taqueria Mexico (24 Charles St, Waltham, (781) 893-2205) for a Chowhound-sanctioned festival of meaty, spicy deliciousness that won’t break the bank.

On Your Parents’ Dime: The Elephant Walk consistently turns out some of the city’s most delicious and refined food. Your parents, who remember when you used to steadfastedly refuse to eat anything besides pizza, will be very proud to see you noshing on French-Cambodian fare.

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Welcome Back, Brandeis!