Weekend Recap: From The Farm To You

• Agricultural-environmental cooperation? Now we’ve heard everything! [SFGate]

• Michael Bauer praised Sonoma’s Harvest Moon, applauding the husband-and-wife restaurant as “a pleasant destination.” It’s cozy yet delicious places like Harvest Moon that reinforce the Bay Area’s stranglehold on restaurants that combine “destination appeal and a neighborly feel.” [SFGate]

• Just because you get the low-calorie version of your favorite junk food doesn’t mean it’s more healthy. Your body knows. [TIME]

• Are you aware of your caffeine consumption? [CC Times]

• Introducing the Yukon king salmon, the richest and rarest salmon of them all. [NY Times]

• The craft beer movement = so hot right now. [Inside Bay Area]

Weekend Recap: From The Farm To You