Weekend Recap: Bakery’s Troubles Continue

• The latest from the increasingly sad journalist slaying: a teenage handyman has confessed to the killing but Oakland police plan to continue to investigate the splinter group. The group’s leader, Yusuf Bey IV, was also arrested last week on several other charges. As for the bakery itself, well, suffice to say it’s been shut down:

The business, which last year filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, was boarded up after the raids. The Alameda County Department of Environmental Health shut it, saying in a report that problems included a “strong odor of rotting flesh” and “fish thawing in still water.” Grease piled up in open buckets, and someone disposed of grease in a toilet and in storm drains, the report said.

Yum. We’re certain that this is just the beginning of this ever-developing story. [SFGate]

• Reports on the new-ish Farina are starting to roll in. [Chowhound]

• Ordering online is the new black. [NY Times]

• Vocal Children 1, Lunch Lady 0. [CNN]

Weekend Recap: Bakery’s Troubles Continue