Weekend Recap: Sticks Are The New Tortillas

Here’s what you missed while tucking little “@” into bed…

• The bar bites at Anzu are reminiscent of “Lost in Translation.” [SFGate]

• Not only are people putting breakfast eggs on sticks, they are winning prizes for it. [Yahoo!]

• Genoa loves its pesto. And unlike the myriad restaurants serving it across the world on pastas and sandwiches, the Genovese are really fussy about it. [Mercury News]

• The great Italian sausage is found at … [Chowhound]

• With smoking on the outs in the dining world, restaurants are looking for alternatives to matchbooks. [NY Mag]

• In the tradition of sweet and savory combinations like prosciutto/melon, chocolate-covered Fritos sound oddly intriguing. [Contra Costa Times]

• You don’t have to go all the way to the Wine Country for a winery; Alameda has some urban versions. [Inside Bay Area]

Weekend Recap: Sticks Are The New Tortillas