Viewing Pleasure: Vegetarian Pizza @ John Barleycorn

Anything beautifully photographed by Zesmerelda looks delicious at first, but on careful visual analysis, we can detect the dooming flaw of this $12 fresh tomato and basil pizza from John Barleycorn.

Do you know what it is? No, it’s not the industrial-looking tomatoes…although they could probably stand to be heirloom, and cooked a little for good measure.

The main culprit, in this case, is the crust. Most of it’s obscured, but what we can see is distressingly, uniformly, blond. Know what that means? It hasn’t been cooked at a high enough temperature, and it’s not crispy. It may even be stale instead of doughy, since it’s so smooth. Don’t let the brown spots on the lower right fool you; that’s just drippy cheese.

Maybe this is to be expected from a bar, but why can’t everything be delicious, everywhere, all the time? Sigh.

John Barleycorn [MenuPages]
John Barleycorn [Official Site]

[Photo: Zesmerelda/flickr]


Viewing Pleasure: Vegetarian Pizza @ John Barleycorn