The Upper West Side Arrives; Clone Restaurants Flourish

The Upper West Side is “Manhattan’s hottest restaurant neighborhood” with a confluence of good places from name chefs and anonymous but high-quality local eateries. The addition of Daniel Boulud’s new wine bar is just the icing on the cake. [NYP]

If you like Peter Luger, Magnolia Bakery, or Pearl Oyster Bar, know that there are clones all over town. [TONY]

The glories of hidden Queens range from an Argentine steakhouse with “insane” portions to an ancient ice-cream parlor in Jackson Heights. [NYP]

Mario Batali will cater a corporate event, with a mixologist and a magician in tow, for a fee that starts at $100,000. [TONY]

Secret “milk clubs” are just one way people are finding to drink coveted raw milk, but in spite of the demand, it’s still basically illegal. [NYT]

Do you have what it takes to open a restaurant? Go to Restaurant Management Boot Camp, a training program sponsored by the city, and find out. [NYT]

If you had a wedding or bar mitzvah planned at Cipriani on Fifth Avenue, forget it: The place isn’t available — they never should have booked it, the landlord says [NYP]

Entertainment Weekly unveils its fantasy Top Chef game, featuring three seasons of cheftestants (Howie and Joey are rolled into one). [Serious Eats]

The Top Chef semifinal is happening this week on a mountain in Aspen. [Snack]
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The Upper West Side Arrives; Clone Restaurants Flourish