Update: The Violet Hour Is Ongoing!

And you thought it was safe to have a non-artisanal cocktail again! The Violet Hour media blitz continues apace, far outstripping the list we assembled on Friday.

Today’s additions fall into two categories - articles by Michael Nagrant, and blog posts by Mike Sula (who wrote the Reader review from which our interest stems). In what must have been an incredibly fecund week, Nagrant wrote:

1) Bring on the bitters for the Tribune on August 15th, about cocktail bitters

2) Classing Up Cocktail Hour for Centerstage on August 19th, interviewing Toby Maloney

3) Taking a Walk on the Southside for Serious Eats on August 22nd, about that particular cocktail

And Sula has a series on The Food Chain over virtually the same period, entitled “Cocktail Minute with Toby Maloney.” Each one comes complete with a video showing Mr. Maloney making the cocktail in question:

1) The Dark & Stormy (rum with lime and ginger)

2) The Southside (gin, lime, mint, bitters)

3) The Maloney Negroni (gin, Campari, vermouth, bitters)

4) The Iron Cross (basically a pisco sour)

Wow, we are impressed by all this press! Bottoms up.


Update: The Violet Hour Is Ongoing!