Trusting The Tribune: Hot Spot, Niu, Water, College Dining

Wow, is the Tribune food section packed today! There’s so much material that we’re going straight to the hyperlinked bullets:

Phil Vettel tears the Greenstapo a new one, saying “I’m a little uncomfortable with the recent characterization of bottled water as the Scourge of the Planet.” Why? Because 1) there aren’t enough public water dispensaries 2) soda is basically just bottled water plus corn syrup, and people will drink that if bottled water gets expensive through taxes or whatnot. Maybe things would be less horrible if there was a refund for recycling water bottles similar to the one that exists for soda bottles?

Monica Eng has a roundup of inexpensive restaurants that feature locally sourced ingredients, all this in preparation for next month’s “Localvore Challenge.”

Kevin Pang sneaks into the Wheaton College cafeteria, ranked 3rd in campus food by Princeton Review, and finds that the grub is actually pretty decent, with a lot of the food actually being cooked in-house. We believe a football player that KPang interviewed who opined, “For cafeteria food, it’s awesome.” (n.b. our alma mater, University of Chicago, did not bring it in this department)

Donna Pierce enjoyed Logan Square breakfast/brunch locale Hot Spot up to a point, which can be summarized by their use of mealy tomatoes in tomato high season. Shame!

Trine Tsouderos finds Niu to be reasonably enjoyable for fusion-y sushi and an asset for the neighborhood

Monica Eng is back with another roundup, this one on college campus coffee canteens. We maligned the U of C’s cafeteria offerings a few paragraphs ago, but we have to concur with Ms. Eng that the Div School coffee shop (a.k.a. Grounds of Being a.k.a. Where God drinks coffee) is pretty good.

[Photo: The Div School coffee shop’s official t-shirt, Phoenix/UChicago]


Trusting The Tribune: Hot Spot, Niu, Water, College Dining