Trumpeting The Tribune: The Gage, Shan, Mini-Burgers

Wow, today’s Trib is hitting on all cylinders. The features, featurettes, and reviews are all lively and on-point. In addition to loving The Gage,

Phil Vettel also writes the intro on the mini-burger craze that seems to be sweeping the nation. He follows this up with his own take on the trend, which he chalks up to portion control and the fetishization of the shareable dish. Bill Daley has 25 mini-burger options in Chicagoland for your perusal, and Judy Hevrdejs looks into the original mini-burger, which is, of course, White Castle.

Bill Daley’s pulling triple duty this week; aside from his mini-burger contribution, he also has a write-up on the idiosyncratic Edgewater Indo-Pak grocery-cum-restaurant a.k.a. Shan Foods. Apparently, it has great vegetable dishes, but the bony meat dishes leave something to be desired. (Like no bones?). And we learned something new from his “Fresh Finds” piece - namely, Champagne is not made from Champagne grapes.

And if all that weren’t enough, Glenn Jeffers, newly vegetarian, goes in search of replacements for his favorite meat dishes at Chicago’s many vegetarian/vegan/raw restaurants. He finds an adequate Chicago-style hot dog at Kim and Carlo’s hot dog stand outside the south entrance of the Field Museum, but the Italian “beef” from Veggie Bite isn’t even close (it’s served with barbecue sauce on a bun!)

Overall, a great day for Team Tribune.

[Photo: Double Cheeseburger, White Castle]


Trumpeting The Tribune: The Gage, Shan, Mini-Burgers