Trailing TOC: Bluprint & BBop

We will keep this brief, since the cold we caught Tuesday evening has finally gotten the best of us. This is unfortunate, because we normally try to save the best of us for you, dear reader. Also because our taste buds are numb and we feel like crap.

The main review this week is for bluprint, the fashionably upscale Merch Mart collabo, employing chefs from Rhapsody, Avenues, and Charlie Trotter’s, to name a few. We were wowed by its fancy menu some months back, but Heather Shouse has a cold dose of reality. Lunch, at which bluprint really ought to shine given its worky location, is kind of mediocre. Dinner’s quite good, but dessert also falls short. It’s still the best thing in the Mart, though.

And David Tamarkin checks out BBop, a new Korean mostly-takeout place in upper Lakeview. The conceit is that it’s designed to introduce newbies to Korean cuisine. We guess that makes sense, since life at the Korean barbecues up north can get pretty confusing. Mr. T thought the food was pretty decent, but some of the flavors were too toned down - sometimes the lowest common denominator is just too low.

Meanwhile, an underground gourmand, Chef Koren Grieveson of Avec on the hot seat, a hot new cocktail, once-a-month pulled pork, and what may be the best fried chicken in the city.

Right, so we were planning on lying down at the end of this post and having it be the last one of the day, but a brilliant co-worker gave us Cold-Eeze and on top of that, BBop sent us their menu. So stick around for the big drop.

[Photo: Cold-Eeze]


Trailing TOC: Bluprint & BBop