Touting The TOC: Shikago, Jerry’s, Piccolo

Shikago, the new venture from Kevin and Alan Shikami (yes, that Kevin), is the subject of the main review in this week’s TOC.

David Tamarkin immediately jumps all over the name, which, strangely, doesn’t bother us at all. The name, not Tamarkin’s reaction. Tell the truth, the reaction didn’t bother us either. But they (the Shikami bros.) like to do eponymous things, and it’s a pun, so what’s the objection?

Anyway, delicious, playful, Asian/fusion-type dishes abound here, like roasted monk fish with mushrooms, roasted red potatoes, spinach, sesame, scallion and toasted almonds for $18. See, it’s not all so Asian, but there’s also spring rolls and a sushi bar. No one’s complaing. (p.s. menu drops tomorrow!)

Also, Heather Shouse hits the new Jerry’s, which has a fancé bar where you can order horchata martinis. But/and the sandwiches are the same as always. (Heather also loves the gelato at Piccolo, especially the “ridiculously rich” peanut butter.)

In non-review news:

Watermelon nice and salty at DeLaCosta

Where are thou, decent frozen drinks?

$20 buckets of live worms!

[Photo: Shikago’s awning, Charles D/flickr]


Touting The TOC: Shikago, Jerry’s, Piccolo