Tom Colicchio Chased by Bears

Does a bear cook in the woods?
Does a bear cook in the woods?haha

This whole Tom Colicchio–as–bear thing has gotten out of hand. Anybody who’s ever looked at a Tom of Finland album can tell you that it takes more than a bald head and a vaguely burly frame to be a bear. “Coleek” doesn’t even have a mustache! And yet there is Queer Eye alum Ted Allen, in his Top Chef blog, propagating the Ursine Mystique even further: “While I would love to see Tom cooking in stilettos and a teddy as much as the next guy, it’s not likely to happen — at least, not on television. He’d lose all his cred with the ‘bear’ community.” Scandalous!

Naturally, our Top Chef gayness guru, L.A.’s Amuse Biatch, had to weigh in on this, observing, “We have a perfect solution: Tom Colicchio cooking steaks in a leather codpiece and chaps.” Forget aged steak and raw bars. That’s how you fill Craftsteak every night!

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Tom Colicchio Chased by Bears