Hard Times Drive Wall Street to Drink; Happy Birthday, Big Mac

The unused Building D of Essex Street Market may get new life. Residents want low-rent housing there; city law compels the building to be used for food-related businesses. [NYT]

Two veterans of Gramercy Tavern and Blue Smoke will open Huckleberry Bar, described as “the bar at your favorite Danny Meyer restaurant” but in East Williamsburg. There will also be British and southern mix of small plates from a 5 Ninth alum, no doubt like the food at your favorite Zak Pelaccio restaurant. [Strong Buzz]

Hard liquor sales on Wall Street are up significantly since the stock market plummeted on August. 16, says one wine shop owner. [NYT]

Over the past four months all Dunkin’ Donuts in New York City participated in a test of reduced-trans-fats products, which will go nationwide in October, but the chain has little delusions about the result: “Certainly, we did not create a healthy doughnut.” [NYP]

Surprise: Elmhurst is veritable culinary melting pot, especially in Asian cuisines. [NYT]

Happy 40th birthday, Big Mac! Throughout your life, Americans have become fatter and fatter, on average. Plus, you are 84 cents more expensive in New York than in the rest of the country. Thanks for nothing! [NYDN]

An ice-sculpting studio in Long Island City got the Times Magazine treatment this weekend. An ice Buddha for Megu put Okamoto New York Ice Studio on the dining map. [NYT]

Hard Times Drive Wall Street to Drink; Happy Birthday, Big Mac